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We advise your company in marketing and management matters.

We develop ideas that work, strategies that work, and we are a team that brings plans to life: our approach is the feasibility of projects.

We offer full service for your publications

from editorial planning to the preparation of content for specific target groups, info design, copywriting, editing and production management for company presentations, websites, brochures, annual reports, Cooporate Publishing and much more.

Ideas that work, strategies that work and a team that brings plans to life: the approach to action is the feasibility of projects.

We help with the decision-making process, develop a catalogue of measures and tackle the implementation ourselves. We adapt our working methods to the scope of the assignment, the industry environment, the size of the company and the way of life.


Manage­ment &



Listening, exploring paths together, building bridges, lighting beacons, creating clarity and feeling good when making decisions. Ideas that work, strategies that work and a team that brings plans to life: the approach to action is the feasibility of projects.

Marketing is an ongoing process, a management method, a very important, sensitive management task that requires a great deal of sensitivity and has an internal and external impact across all areas. Changes in the market situation constantly require new decisions and investments, which have an internal and external effect.

Together we focus on clear identity and customer benefit and plan the use of sustainable functional tools for a holistic marketing management according to your needs and possibilities.

Everything revolves around benefit and added value - often authenticity - a pleasant otherness - is decisive for success on the market.

The best solutions are simple
and are gladly implemented.

>    Marketing Audits
>    Strategic Workshops

>    Teambuilding
>    Coaching

>    Support in processes and acute situations

Sense & aim

Want, can and may:
Often there is a lack of clarity of meaning and goal and open communication about circumstances and intentions.

We accompany and advise on project launches and entrepreneurial change or decision making processes with strategic orientations.

A common mission, a clear mandate, the creation of awareness for existing limits to efficiency, but also a sustainable, liveable working environment are at the centre of our work.

A change of perspective is often enough to see clearly.

It is what it is - the point is,
to use talents and potentials.

>    Company foundation

>    Project launch

>    Potential Analysis

Knowledge, talents and skills are only valuable

if they are used.

A change of perspective is often enough to see clearly. It only takes time, space and environment to awaken new possibilities. We know from experience that successful work is only possible if individuality is promoted.

We want to help to design and implement strategies in a practical way.

Editorial office
for publications

imparting specialist knowledge, being understood, motivating to act -
in words and pictures.

Technical documentation, manuals, system descriptions or training material: The aim is to make the specialist knowledge of experts understandable for a target group.

We offer a "complete service" for publishing. Our service includes: Editorial planning, structure and workflow, the preparation of content for the target group, copywriting, proofreading and editing, production management and documentation.

The aim is to convey your important information in a comprehensible way.

Infodesign &


An appearance that runs through - recognisable, professionally executed and cost-effectively implemented.

We offer the implementation of corporate communications with existing corporate design (logo, corporate colors, design style).

In addition to clear recognizability and an appealing information design, a reasonable cost-benefit ratio of the production should remain guaranteed.

We support you in the creation of documents for company presentation, brochures, annual reports, company newspapers, newsletters, correspondence printouts and much more and offer you efficient handling up to the presentation or printing.

What many wish for: Affordable corporate design in "daily business".

>    Annual reports
>    Brochures & catalogues
>    Presentations & applications

>    Implementation of Office templates
in the corporate design
(Word, Excel, Powerpoint)